Impact - March 2013

CUF Influences New York’s First-in-the-Nation Move to Abandon the GED®

The NYS Education Department became the first state in the nation to drop the GED® following Center efforts to explore alternative high school equivalency providers.

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In July 2012, the Center published an editorial in the Albany Times Union urging the State Board of Regents to explore an alternative to the GED® assessment. We argued that changes to the GED® that were set to take effect in 2014—including a substantial cost increase, rapid conversion to computer-based testing, and premature adoption of common core state standards—would likely result in even fewer New Yorkers receiving this important credential, making it more difficult for low-income youth and adults in the state to achieve economic success. Just weeks after our commentary was published, the Board of Regents authorized the NYS Education Department (SED) to issue a request for proposals (.doc) to take over the state’s high school equivalency program.

In January 2013, while the RFP was still out, we held a high-profile symposium to explore the State Board of Regents' ambitious plan to consider alternatives to the GED®.

In early March, New York became the first state in the nation to drop the GED® test. State Education Department officials said they offered a three-year contract to CTB/McGraw-Hill which plans to start offering its new high school equivalency exam in January 2014.