Impact - April 2015

CUF Influences City Council Response to 2016 Budget

Earlier this week, the City Council issued its response to Mayor de Blasio's preliminary budget. We are heartened that many of the proposals outlined in the response—from opening libraries six days a week to creating a year-round youth employment program—follow a number of our reports' recommendations.

Data - April 2015

Library Funding is Behind the Times

Though visits, book circulation and program attendance are on the rise, New York City’s public libraries are open fewer hours than the state’s largest counties and trail behind cities throughout the nation.

Data - March 2015

Aging Gas Lines: Signs of Progress, But Improvements Still Needed

The recent tragedy in the East Village brought renewed attention to the city’s infrastructure. And while aging gas mains and service lines remain an issue, both Con Edison and National Grid have significantly improved the safety and efficiency of the distribution system in recent years.

Event - March 2015

Making New York’s Workforce Development System More Accountable

Join us on April 22nd for a symposium on how wage reporting data can help the state measure the success of its workforce development system.

Data - March 2015

NYC’s Share of Private Sector Jobs

Though jobs have grown in nearly every region of the state over the last decade, New York City’s share of the state’s private sector jobs has skyrocketed – growing from from 43.0 percent in 2004 to 46.5 percent in 2014.

Commentary/Op-Ed - March 2015

Tap Reform: Part-Time College Students Need Financial Aid Too

In this op-ed in City & State , CUF researcher Christian González-Rivera argues that while Governor Cuomo has put education at the forefront of his Opportunity Agenda, his plan is missing a door to opportunity for the large and growing number of part-time college students in New York who struggle to finish their degree with almost no access to financial aid.