impact - December 2023

CUF sparks the expansion of CUNY 2X Tech

Mayor Adams announced $10 million in funding to expand CUNY 2X Tech to five new campuses at the City University of New York. A pair of reports published by CUF called to expand this critically important program in order to boost CUNY’s effectiveness as a springboard into technology-powered careers.

impact - June 2023

DOT Expands Micromobility to Queens, Echoing CUF Recommendations

The city’s Department of Transportation announced that the successful e-scooter sharing program piloted in the Bronx will expand to eastern Queens. CUF's recent commentary on expanding micromobility in all five boroughs called for the expansion of the Bronx e-scooter pilot to less transit-rich neighborhoods in Queens.

impact - May 2023

CUF Sparks Start-up Competition for NYCHA Entrepreneurs

A report CUF published outlining the need for more support for entrepreneurs living in NYCHA has inspired a new start-up competition explicitly for public housing residents. Additionally, CUF's report influenced nine major proposals from the Council Speaker and a bill recently introduced by the City Council to support NYCHA entrepreneurs.

impact - March 2023

Council Speaker’s State of the City Proposals Echo CUF Recommendations

City Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams delivered her second State of the City address in March 2023, in which she highlighted two important proposals sparked by research from CUF: one on expanding economic opportunity for minority-owned businesses and another focused on boosting support for NYCHA entrepreneurs.

impact - January 2023

CUF Inspires Mayor’s Proposals in State of the City Address

Mayor Adams delivered his second State of the City address and announced three key proposals to help New Yorkers get ahead that were directly inspired by the Center for an Urban Future’s recent research and policy recommendations, including launching an Apprenticeship Accelerator, expanding CUNY 2X Tech, and connecting New Yorkers with disabilities to jobs.

impact - January 2023

CUF shapes new efforts to fix city’s broken capital construction process

The Adams administration’s Capital Process Reform Task Force released detailed recommendations, which drew heavily from the ideas and policy recommendations in the Center’s previous three reports calling attention to the city’s delay-ridden and overly costly capital construction process.

impact - January 2023

CUF’s Research Helps to Spark Inclusion of CDFIs in NYC Small Business Opportunity Fund

In January, Mayor Adams announced the launch of a $75 million Small Business Opportunity Fund, that will tap the city's nonprofit Community Development Financial Institutions as lending partners, mirroring the Center’s recommendations for the city to make CDFIs a key partner in efforts to strengthen under-resourced small businesses.

impact - December 2022

CUF inspires new bills to expand job opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities

In late December, the City Council passed two bills that would expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities, inspired by research and recommendations from CUF’s March 2022 Access Opportunity report.

impact - December 2022

CUF influences the mayor and governor’s New New York report

In December, Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul released the recommendations of the "New" New York Panel. Three recommendations were directly inspired by CUF's research, including: modernizing libraries to support remote work; reducing employment barriers for people with disabilities; and creating workforce infrastructure to connect New Yorkers with good jobs.

impact - October 2022

NYC invests in teen library spaces, echoing CUF’s recommendations

Mayor Adams announced a $15-million investment in dedicated teen spaces and programs across New York City’s public libraries, reflecting key recommendations from CUF's history of research on libraries.

impact - September 2022

CUF report influences City Council bill to create Small Business Digitization Team

Council Member Julie Menin introduced a bill to establish an Office of Small Business Digitalization to help many more small businesses in the city get online. This initiative follows CUF's event on how to help more minority-owned businesses get online and our report No Small Relief, which included recommendations for city leaders to help small businesses adapt to the digital world.

impact - September 2022

CUF sparks new city initiative to re-enroll working age students at CUNY

The newly launched CUNY Reconnect initiative was directly inspired by a January 2022 CUF report, which urged city officials to help re-enroll adult New Yorkers who earned some college credits but left school before completing a degree.

impact - August 2022

CUF spurs TAP expansion for part-time students

Governor Hochul announced a $150 million initiative to expand the state tuition assistance program (TAP) to part-time CUNY and SUNY students. For nearly a decade now, CUF has urged state policymakers to make part-time students eligible for the state’s main tuition assistance program.

impact - August 2022

CUF shapes a major city budget increase for public libraries

The city announced a major $20 million dollar increase for its public libraries for the 2023 fiscal year. This budget win comes after CUF has consistently called for increased funding for libraries, proven to be the most democratic and versatile type of social infrastructure in New York City, yet one of the most underfunded.

impact - March 2022

CUF report directly inspires major proposal by Council Speaker

CUF's research inspired a major new policy proposal from City Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams that will help thousands of working-age New Yorkers who have some college credits but no degree to return to CUNY and complete a credential.

impact - March 2022

CUF shapes Mayor Adams’s economic recovery blueprint

Mayor Eric Adams released “Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent: A Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery,” which outlines the mayor’s vision for an economic recovery focused on equity and economic mobility. Several of the mayor’s proposals align with recent research and recommendations from the Center for an Urban Future.

impact - March 2022

CUF report influences Robin Hood/LaGuardia Community College program to reengage adult learners

LaGuardia Community College and Robin Hood launched a new initiative to encourage working-age New Yorkers with some college but no degree to complete a credential, reflecting CUF’s January 2022 report Reengaging Adult Learners to Complete College Degrees.

impact - February 2022

State Increases Investment in CDFIs, Echoing CUF’s Recommendation

New York State will allocate $150 million to CDFIs to boost immigrant- and minority-owned businesses, reflecting a key recommendation from CUF's December 2021 report, No Small Relief: Strengthening NYC’s Most Vulnerable Small Businesses.

impact - June 2021

CUF forum series helps spark Queens Public Library business incubator program

The new initiative will connect aspiring entrepreneurs with small business experts, drawing on insights from CUF's five-part series on encouraging and supporting low-income entrepreneurship.

impact - April 2021

CUF research influences state budget allocations

New York State’s FY22 budget includes relief for artists and immigrant workers, plus new funding for community colleges, mirroring recommendations from recent CUF reports.

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