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impact - August 2022

CUF shapes a major city budget increase for public libraries

The city announced a major $20 million dollar increase for its public libraries for the 2023 fiscal year. This budget win comes after CUF has consistently called for increased funding for libraries, proven to be the most democratic and versatile type of social infrastructure in New York City, yet one of the most underfunded.

impact - March 2022

CUF report directly inspires major proposal by Council Speaker

CUF's research inspired a major new policy proposal from City Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams that will help thousands of working-age New Yorkers who have some college credits but no degree to return to CUNY and complete a credential.

impact - March 2022

CUF shapes Mayor Adams’s economic recovery blueprint

Mayor Eric Adams released “Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent: A Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery,” which outlines the mayor’s vision for an economic recovery focused on equity and economic mobility. Several of the mayor’s proposals align with recent research and recommendations from the Center for an Urban Future.

impact - March 2022

CUF report influences Robin Hood/LaGuardia Community College program to reengage adult learners

LaGuardia Community College and Robin Hood launched a new initiative to encourage working-age New Yorkers with some college but no degree to complete a credential, reflecting CUF’s January 2022 report Reengaging Adult Learners to Complete College Degrees.

impact - February 2022

State Increases Investment in CDFIs, Echoing CUF’s Recommendation

New York State will allocate $150 million to CDFIs to boost immigrant- and minority-owned businesses, reflecting a key recommendation from CUF's December 2021 report, No Small Relief: Strengthening NYC’s Most Vulnerable Small Businesses.

impact - June 2021

CUF forum series helps spark Queens Public Library business incubator program

The new initiative will connect aspiring entrepreneurs with small business experts, drawing on insights from CUF's five-part series on encouraging and supporting low-income entrepreneurship.

impact - April 2021

CUF research influences state budget allocations

New York State’s FY22 budget includes relief for artists and immigrant workers, plus new funding for community colleges, mirroring recommendations from recent CUF reports.

impact - April 2021

City restores Indirect Costs Rate initiative for human services organizations, echoing a CUF rec

New York City will invest $120 million over two years to stabilize nonprofit providers, reflecting a key recommendation from CUF's April 2021 report, New York's Safety Net in Jeopardy.

impact - July 2020

CUF inspires pilot program to open up streets and public spaces for outdoor commerce

Staten Island Economic Development Corporation piloted a new program this past weekend that closed down a busy street in the New Dorp Lane District to allow for outside dining and outdoor shopping, inspired by recent CUF recommendations.

impact - February 2020

CUF Report Sparks New Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Women 50+

NYC's Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Small Business Services have launched a new bootcamp for women entrepreneurs over 50, closely following recommendations from CUF reports in 2018 and 2016 calling on the city to support older women entrepreneurs and the growth of women-owned businesses.

impact - February 2020

CUF Research Influences Legislation to Enroll More Older Adults in Food Assistance

The New York City Council passed legislation to ensure more eligible older adults are enrolled in federal food assistance, following a key recommendation from CUF's policy blueprint for expanding and improving older adult services.

impact - February 2020

CUF Research Inspires Legislation to Increase Transparency in Capital Construction Projects

New City Council legislation creates a task force to implement and manage a citywide capital projects tracking system, building on key recommendations from CUF's 2017 report, Slow Build.

impact - February 2020

CUF influences Governor Cuomo’s 2020 agenda

During his 2020 State of the State address, Governor Cuomo announced record funding and a new initiative aimed at promoting upskilling and developing industry-recognized credentials. These actions are sparked in part by CUF’s ongoing research on the future of work, including our 2018 report, State of Work: The Coming Impact of Automation on New York

impact - August 2019

State Creates Fund to Diversify film and TV Industries, Echoing CUF’s Recommendations

A first-of-its-kind fund will provide workforce development opportunities to New Yorkers from all backgrounds to prepare for jobs in the fast-growing entertainment fields. The new fund builds on CUF's 2015 research on the demographics of New York City's creative sector which showed that just 29 percent of New Yorkers employed in creative occupations were non-white.

impact - June 2019

CUF research influences city’s 2020 budget to support libraries and older adults

The city's FY 2020 budget includes new resources for New York City’s public libraries and added support for the city’s rapidly growing population of older adults. CUF has elevated the importance of this funding through our extensive research and advocacy around both issue areas.

impact - June 2019

CUF Research Sparks $43 Million in New Funding for City Parks

The FY 2020 final budget includes $43 million in new funding for parks maintenance and staffing needs⁠—the largest single-year increase in parks funding to date⁠. This allocation closely mirrors the recommendations from our report on parks, A New Leaf: Revitalizing New York City's Aging Parks Infrastructure.

impact - May 2019

CUF Research Influences Legislation to Support Older Entrepreneurs

CUF's September 2018 report showing that a growing number of New Yorkers over 50 are quietly but purposefully turning to entrepreneurship sparked the creation of new legislation aimed at supporting this population.

impact - February 2019

CUF Research Leads to Plan to Hold For-Profit Schools More Accountable Statewide

During his 2019 State of the State address, Governor Cuomo announced several proposals to hold for-profit schools more accountable, sparked in part by CUF’s research, including the 2018 policy briefs Keeping New York's For-Profit Colleges on Track and Deeper in Debt: For-Profit Schools Driving Student Loan Default in New York.

impact - January 2019

CUF Report Inspires Capital Construction Process Reform in NYC

New York City's Department of Design and Construction (DDC) announces a major plan to overhaul the city’s capital construction process, mirroring key recommendations from CUF's 2017 Slow Build report.

impact - January 2019

CUF Research Sparks Plan to Expand Apprenticeship Programs in New York State

During his 2019 State of the State address, Governor Cuomo announced a new initiative to expand apprenticeships statewide, including several key recommendations drawn directly from CUF’s 2018 report on The Promise of Apprenticeships in New York.

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