impact - October 2015

CUF Report Inspires Funding for CUNY ASAP Program

CUF’s Mobility Makers report called on the city to expand City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs initiative. Mayor de Blasio and the City Council have done just that with $42 million in new funding to expand the program.

impact - July 2015

CUF research paves way for huge budget victory for NYC libraries

In the city's FY16 budget, our research helped lay the groundwork for an enormous win for NYC's libraries: the largest ever increase in combined operating and capital funding for public libraries.

impact - June 2015

Following CUF recommendation, Mayor de Blasio takes action to reduce infrastructure costs

The administration’s recent deal on public labor agreements implements a recommendation from our 2014 Caution Ahead report and will save the city over $347 million on construction projects.

impact - April 2015

CUF Report Spurs City Programs to Support Low Income Entrepreneurs

Our work has sparked new city policies to train and launch low-income entrepreneurs in New York City's underserved communities.

impact - April 2015

CUF Influences City Council Response to 2016 Budget

Earlier this week, the City Council issued its response to Mayor de Blasio's preliminary budget. We are heartened that many of the proposals outlined in the response—from opening libraries six days a week to creating a year-round youth employment program—follow a number of our reports' recommendations.

impact - February 2015

Mayor discusses CUF report on New York’s aging infrastructure

In a January 2015 interview with The Nation, Mayor de Blasio corrects interviewer with the exact data from our Caution Ahead report.

impact - December 2014

City responds to CUF report, requiring new programs to consider aging immigrants

Following recommendations from CUF's report on aging immigrants, the city's Department for the Aging (DFTA) is requiring new elder abuse programs to be culturally and linguistically competent.

impact - December 2014

CUF Prompts City Council Hearing on Capital needs of City’s Public Libraries

Prompted by our Re-Envisioning New York's Branch Libraries report, City Council organized a hearing to discuss capital needs and planning for the city's public library systems.

impact - November 2014

CUF Report shapes city’s approach to serving immigrant seniors

Our 2013 report New Face for New York's Seniors report continues to influence policymakers, prompting a City Council hearing in November 2014.

impact - November 2014

Prompted by CUF Report, City Council examines economic impact of aging infrastructure

Prompted by CUF's Caution Ahead report, City Council held a hearing on the economic impact of New York's aging infrastructure.

impact - October 2014

Following CUF’s recommendation, city requires companies to offer pre-tax transit benefits

Following a recommendation from our Innovation and the City report, the Mayor and City Council implemented legislation mandating that New York City companies offer full-time employees access to pre-tax transit benefits.

impact - September 2014

De Blasio adopts legislation from CUF report on foster youth

In September 2014, de Blasio signed off on legislation that follows recommendations from our Fostering Careers report.

impact - July 2014

City and State Budgets for FY15 Follow CUF Recommendations on Subsidized Child Care

The Center’s 2011 Subsidizing Care, Supporting Work report provided recommendations to address New York City’s deteriorating child care system—a critical support for the city’s working poor. We’re pleased to report that five of those recommendations have been implemented in the city and state budgets for FY2015.

impact - June 2014

CUF Report Prompts Increased Investment in Underground Infrastructure

Our March 2014 Caution Ahead report brought significant attention to New York City’s aging underground infrastructure, detailing numerous vulnerabilities across city’s the water, sewer and gas pipes. In response to the report’s findings, utility companies and city agencies have begun accelerating their underground infrastructure investments.

impact - June 2014

CUF Influences Mayor’s Plan to Refocus NYC’s Workforce Development System on Skills Building

For years, the Center for an Urban Future has been urging city officials to expand and improve the city’s workforce development system. In May 2014, Mayor de Blasio announced that the city would do just that with a Jobs for New Yorkers Task Force. The Center has been invited to facilitate the task force’s discussions.

impact - May 2014

CUF Report Prompts Mayor de Blasio to Increase City Budget for Road Resurfacing

Our March 2014 Caution Ahead report shined a light on New York City’s aging infrastructure and detailed numerous vulnerabilities across the city’s transportation, utility and building assets. The report is already beginning to influence city policies.

impact - May 2014

Mayor’s plan to upgrade Brooklyn Army Terminal echoes CUF recommendations

Mayor de Blasio's plans to redevelop unused space at the city-owned Brooklyn Army Terminal echoes a recommendation made in the Center's "The Final Frontier for Manufacturers" report.

impact - February 2014

MTA Expands Real-Time Arrival Technology to all NYC Buses, a Recommendation from CUF’s Behind the Curb Report

The Center’s 2011 Behind the Curb report recommended that the MTA install GPS devices on all city buses in order to make real-time arrival updates available to all riders. After piloting Bus Time in Staten Island and expanding to the Bronx and Manhattan last year, the MTA is now installing the service on Brooklyn and Queens buses.

impact - February 2014

Mayor de Blasio Adopts CUF Recommendation to Expand Low-Income Entrepreneurship

Our April 2013 Launching Low-Income Entrepreneurs study recommended that the city expand low-income entrepreneurship in New York City and provide an alternative pathway to the middle class for low-income New Yorkers. In his first State of the City speech, Mayor de Blasio announced plans to do just that.

impact - February 2014

New de Blasio Administration Continues Young Men’s Initiative, a Policy Highlighted in our “Innovations to Build On” Report

In November 2013, we highlighted 10 important anti-poverty innovations from the Bloomberg administration that deserved to continue. We're pleased to report that Mayor de Blasio recently announced that his administration will build on one such innovation, the Young Men's Initiative.

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