impact - June 2017

CUF Recommendation Leads to Bill on Nightlife Reform

The New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs held a hearing on a package of initiatives to support New York’s nightlife industry, many of which CUF called for in an April 2017 op-ed.

impact - June 2017

CUF Research Influences City’s 2018 Budget

CUF has long studied the importance of New York City’s public libraries and the challenges facing the city's seniors. Mayor de Blasio and the City Council's 2018 budget followed our recommendations to include infrastructure investments for branch libraries and increased support for the city's aging population.

impact - April 2017

CUF Recommendation Leads to $335M Budget Boost for NYCHA

CUF’s Caution Ahead report and subsequent op-ed called on policymakers to repair crumbling facades at New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings. The de Blasio administration's FY18 executive budget includes $355 million in new money to do just that.

impact - January 2017

CUF Report Inspires Funding for Diversity in Theater

CUF's Creative New York report called on the City to take steps to ensure a more diverse creative sector. Now, New York City's Midtown Theater Subdistrict Council is allocating over $2 million in grants to increase diversity in nonprofit theaters throughout the city.

impact - January 2017

CUF Inspires Plan to Create College Savings Accounts for Kindergarteners

In 2013, the Center for an Urban Future called on New York City to launch a kindergarten-to-college savings program, modeled on a successful initiative in San Francisco, to help increase the number of low-income children who go on to attend college. At the end of 2016, Mayor de Blasio announced that the city is finally piloting a similar plan, which will create $100 college savings accounts for roughly 10,000 kindergartners

impact - January 2017

CUF Recommendation Pushes Passage of Health Aide Bill

CUF’s "6 Ways the State Can Expand Economic Opportunity in 2016” commentary called on the state to pass "breakthrough" legislation creating career opportunities for home health aides. In December, the governor signed this crucial bill into law.

impact - December 2016

CUF Forum Leads to Statewide Workforce Development Funding

CUF's "Integrating New York's REDCs with Workforce Development" symposium led to New York State making workforce training a priority area for Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) in 2016.

impact - June 2016

CUF Report Inspires Funding Boost for the Department of Cultural Affairs

CUF report spurs an increase in Department of Cultural Affairs funding and inspires the development of a broader, more unified arts advocacy coalition.

impact - April 2016

CUF Finding Leads to Increased Funding for Water Tunnel No. 3

Center for an Urban Future report spurs increased funding and accelerated timeline for the completion of Water Tunnel No. 3.

impact - April 2016

CUF Report Shapes City’s Approach to Women Entrepreneurs

CUF's Breaking Through report on women entrepreneurs in New York City is influencing policymakers, leading to a City Council hearing in April 2016.

impact - March 2016

CUF Research Leads to Paid Internships in City’s Creative Sector

Recent CUF reports called on the city to help subsidize competitive, paid internships, especially within the creative sector. In March 2016, multiple city agencies responded, creating 200 paid summer internships within the fashion, media, and entertainment industries.

impact - March 2016

CUF Elevates Challenges Facing NYC’s Nonprofit Sector

The Comptroller’s Red Tape Commission used our Creative New York report to highlight challenges and make recommendations for strengthening the city’s nonprofit sector.

impact - March 2016

CUF Report Spurs New Initiative for Low-Income Entrepreneurs in Rochester

CUF's 2013 Launching Low-Income Entrepreneurs report is helping policymakers in Rochester to harness low-tech entrepreneurship as a pathway out of poverty for city residents.

impact - October 2015

CUF Report Inspires Funding for CUNY ASAP Program

CUF’s Mobility Makers report called on the city to expand City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs initiative. Mayor de Blasio and the City Council have done just that with $42 million in new funding to expand the program.

impact - July 2015

CUF research paves way for huge budget victory for NYC libraries

In the city's FY16 budget, our research helped lay the groundwork for an enormous win for NYC's libraries: the largest ever increase in combined operating and capital funding for public libraries.

impact - June 2015

Following CUF recommendation, Mayor de Blasio takes action to reduce infrastructure costs

The administration’s recent deal on public labor agreements implements a recommendation from our 2014 Caution Ahead report and will save the city over $347 million on construction projects.

impact - April 2015

CUF Report Spurs City Programs to Support Low Income Entrepreneurs

Our work has sparked new city policies to train and launch low-income entrepreneurs in New York City's underserved communities.

impact - April 2015

CUF Influences City Council Response to 2016 Budget

Earlier this week, the City Council issued its response to Mayor de Blasio's preliminary budget. We are heartened that many of the proposals outlined in the response—from opening libraries six days a week to creating a year-round youth employment program—follow a number of our reports' recommendations.

impact - February 2015

Mayor discusses CUF report on New York’s aging infrastructure

In a January 2015 interview with The Nation, Mayor de Blasio corrects interviewer with the exact data from our Caution Ahead report.

impact - December 2014

City responds to CUF report, requiring new programs to consider aging immigrants

Following recommendations from CUF's report on aging immigrants, the city's Department for the Aging (DFTA) is requiring new elder abuse programs to be culturally and linguistically competent.

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