impact - August 2013

CUF Reports Lead to Built/NYC, a New Program by the NYC Department of Design and Construction

The Center’s 2011 Growth by Design report concluded that far more could be done to harness New York City’s design sector. NYC Department of Design and Construction acted on this recommendation, creating a new program that will commission site-specific furnishings for city construction projects from local product designers.

impact - July 2013

Comptroller Candidate Runs with Key Idea from CUF’s Innovation and the City Report

In July 2013, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer unveiled a new policy proposal that came straight from CUF and NYU Wagner's Innovation and the City report which profiled 15 of the best policy innovations from other cities that have the potential to be replicated in New York.

impact - July 2013

CUF Influences MTA’s Needs Assessment for NYC Transit System

In July 2013, the MTA published a forward-looking needs assessment for New York City’s transit system that was greatly influenced by the Center's Behind the Curb study.

impact - June 2013

CUF Report Leads to Major SBS, DOE, CUNY Program that Connects CTE Students with Employers

Our May 2008 report Schools That Work urged for stronger institutional support for CTE programs. SBS, DOE and CUNY ran with our recommendation in a big way.

impact - June 2013

CUF Influences Full City Restoration of Library Funding

For the first time since Fiscal Year 2008, Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council approved a city budget in which New York City's three public library systems did not lose any funding. The decision to fully restore the libraries’ budgets—after the mayor initially proposed a $106 million reduction in funding—was influenced by our groundbreaking study about New York’s three public library systems.

impact - May 2013

CEO Adopts CUF Recommendation to Expand EITC for Childless Low-Income Workers

In August 2011, the Center published The No Child Penalty which recommended expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to low-income workers without children. We are pleased to report that this recommendation is being implemented by the city.

impact - April 2013

Libraries implement CUF recommendation on ebook purchasing

Our January 2013 Branches of Opportunity study recommended that New York City’s three library systems pursue new revenue opportunities including facilitating book purchases by library patrons. We’re pleased to report that this recommendation is being implemented.

impact - April 2013

CUF Influences Speaker Quinn’s New Transportation Proposals

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a series of new proposals to improve mass transit in New York City. Three of the proposals were influenced by our 2011 Behind the Curb report which found that New York City’s public transit service has not kept pace with recent job growth and transit ridership gains.

impact - April 2013

CUF Report About NYC’s Libraries Sparks New Proposal From Speaker Quinn

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a new proposal to harness the incredible power of New York City's branch libraries. The proposal was sparked by our January 2013 Branches of Opportunity report about the increasingly important role that the city's public libraries are playing in communities around the five boroughs.

impact - March 2013

CUF Influences New York’s First-in-the-Nation Move to Abandon the GED®

The NYS Education Department became the first state in the nation to drop the GED® following Center efforts to explore alternative high school equivalency providers.

impact - February 2013

CEO Adopts CUF Recommendations to Help Young Adults Overcome Barriers to Employment

In May 2012, the Center published Now Hiring, a report which identified more than two dozen occupations that offer good career prospects for young adults without a college degree. However, the report also found that there are serious obstacles standing in the way. We are pleased to report that two of our report's recommendations meant to address these barriers are being implemented by the city.

impact - January 2013

Brooklyn Designs Returns in May 2013

One of the recommendations we made in our 2011 Growth by Design report was that city and state officials should bring back Brooklyn Designs, the annual exhibition for Brooklyn-based designers that was discontinued in 2011 after nearly a decade in operation. We are pleased to report that Brooklyn Designs is returning to DUMBO this May.

impact - December 2012

CUF Study Influenced New Report by Manhattan Borough President on NYC’s Tech Sector

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer published a major new report on the future of the city’s entrepreneurial economy with recommendations echoing policy prescriptions from our New Tech City report.

impact - December 2012

CUF Editorial Influences the State Education Department to Reassess the GED®

Following our recommendations in a July 2012 Times Union editorial regarding the GED® Testing Service doubling the cost of the GED, the State Education Department is exploring alternative high school equivalency exams.

impact - November 2012

CUF Report on Joblessness Among Foster Youth Inspires Action in 2012 at ACS and DYCD

In Fostering Careers, a September 2011 report, we highlighted the staggering number of young people who failed to secure jobs after aging out the New York City's foster care system. Following our recommendations, the Administration of Children’s Services has built stronger ties to the Department of Education and the Summer Youth Employment Program has made a more concerted effort to target foster youth.

impact - September 2012

Senator Schumer Cites CUF’s Tech Report in Addressing Visa Problems

Our May 2012 New Tech City identified the lack of engineers and programmers as the single biggest threat to the future growth of New York City’s tech sector and called on policymakers to reform immigration laws that currently prohibit tech companies from hiring talented tech workers from abroad. Last week, Senator Charles E. Schumer introduced legislation that would do just this, citing the Center’s report as proof of the need for his proposed visa reforms.

impact - August 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Technology Toolkit for Small Businesses

Just over a week after our Smarter Small Businesses report demonstrated the need to help more of the city's small businesses integrate technology into their daily operations, Mayor Bloomberg launched a set of free tools to help small businesses in New York City use digital technologies and social media to grow their businesses and create jobs.

impact - June 2012

CUF Report Leads to NYC Council Hearing About Transit Gaps Outside of Manhattan

On Tuesday, the New York City Council’s Transportation Committee held a hearing titled “Keeping Up with the Boroughs—Addressing Public Transit Needs Outside Manhattan,” that was prompted by the Center’s 2011 Behind the Curb report.

impact - June 2012

CUF Influences City’s New Broadband Plan

Last month, the Center published New Tech City, a report which documented the spectacular rise of New York City's tech sector over the past few years but highlighted a handful of challenges that could inhibit the continued growth of this part of the city's economy. The report cited inadequate broadband connectivity as the second biggest threat facing New York’s tech sector. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn unveiled a package of proposals to expand broadband connectivity in New York as a way of bolstering the city’s tech sector.

impact - February 2012

Speaker Quinn’s Plan to Grow NYC’s Design Sector

Today, Council Speaker Christine Quinn ran with the ideas in our Growth by Design report in a big way, announcing a major new city initiative to support the growth of the city's design sector. She gave an especially big boost to one of our recommendations: to "establish a high-profile design festival to promote NYC's designers."

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