Impact - January 2017

CUF Recommendation Pushes Passage of Health Aide Bill

CUF’s "6 Ways the State Can Expand Economic Opportunity in 2016” commentary called on the state to pass "breakthrough" legislation creating career opportunities for home health aides. In December, the governor signed this crucial bill into law.

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In December 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Advanced Home Health Aide (AHHA) bill, establishing a career pathway for home health aides to gain skills and earn higher wages. The Center for an Urban Future’s January 2016 commentary, "6 Ways the State Can Expand Economic Opportunity in 2016," called on the state to pass the legislation, describing it as a "major breakthrough" that would create better jobs, reduce turnover, and improve patient care.

The bill allows home health aides with at least one year of experience to undergo rigorous training and certification to become an advanced aide, who would then work under the supervision of a registered nurse. In addition to creating opportunity for home health aides, who typically earn little and have few prospects for a stable career, the state's new AHHAs will ease the burden on family caregivers while helping more patients to stay in their homes.

Photo credit: Samuel Merritt University