Impact - March 2018

CUF Report Leads to MTA’s New Bus Improvement Plan

The MTA's announcement of a comprehensive plan to improve local bus service follows the recommendation of CUF's recently published report.

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In late January, CUF published a major new report that called for sweeping improvements to bus service in New York City. The report, which detailed the transit challenges facing the city’s half-million healthcare workers, urged the MTA to “launch a bus rescue plan to improve the speed and reliability of bus service.” A few weeks later, on February 20th, the MTA announced that it would release a comprehensive plan in April to improve local bus service citywide. 

CUF’s report showed that a significant share of the city’s healthcare workers rely on the bus to get to their jobs, but noted that bus service across the five boroughs is unreliable and does not run frequently enough. According to the report, there are 80,706 daily bus commuters in the city’s healthcare sector, more than in any other industry.

Photo Credit: New York City Bus Roster