impact - January 2012

Mayor’s State of the City speech echoes CUF ideas: CTE Schools

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg delivered his State of the City speech. We are heartened that some of the new policy proposals outlined in the mayor's speech—from expanding the number of Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools to creating permanent rehearsal and studio spaces for the arts—were greatly influenced by our reports.

impact - June 2011

New City Initiatives to Retain Industrial Jobs Echo CUF Recommendations

Several of our ideas influenced a package of 22 proposals to strengthen the city's industrial sector that was announced this week by Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

impact - May 2011

Restoring Funds for Child Care

Last week, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he was restoring $40 million in proposed cuts to child care programs. The Mayor's action comes on the heels of our February 2011 policy brief Subsidizing Care, Supporting Work.

impact - May 2011

Bring Stanford to NYC?

Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that the city had received 18 responses to its Request for Expressions of Interest seeking academic institutions to develop an applied science and engineering research campus in New York City, with proposals coming from Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon and many other institutions from around the world. The city's idea for attracting a new engineering campus was greatly influenced by our 2009 Building New York City's Innovation Economy report.

impact - March 2011

Mayor runs with CUF recommendations to support immigrant entrepreneurs

Today, the Mayor announced three new steps to make it easier for immigrant-owned businesses to start and grow in New York City. All three mayoral initiatives were heavily influenced by the Center.

impact - January 2011

State Adopts CUF Recommendation For Improving Community Colleges

At a New York State Assembly hearing in mid-December on strengthening student success in higher education, CUF senior fellow Thomas Hilliard testified that "the state should overhaul the base funding model for community colleges to reflect state policy goals. Roughly one month later, state leaders have already moved in this direction.

impact - January 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Advances CUF Policy Proposals in State of City Speech: Immigrant Entrepreneurs

CUF has been the city's leading voice in highlighting the catalytic impact of immigrant entrepreneurs and arguing that targeted support from local economic development officials could help more immigrants succeed in starting and growing businesses here.Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced a set of initiatives to support immigrant entrepreneurs.

impact - January 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Advances CUF Policy Proposals in State of City Speech: Innovation Economy

Several of the economic development initiatives outlined by the mayor focused on growing the innovation economy, including the Center's longstanding recommendation to bolster the city's engineering presence.

impact - January 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Advances CUF Policy Proposals in State of City Speech: Summer Youth Jobs Programs

The Center has published two reports documenting the importance of the city's Summer Youth Employment Program as well as the funding gaps that have resulted in tens of thousands of New York City teens being turned away from the program. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced a plan to expand the program with private funds.

impact - January 2011

CUF report leads to new kitchen incubator in East Harlem

In 2008, the Center published a policy brief which urged city economic development officials to support the creation of additional kitchen incubators in the five boroughs. We are gratified that city policymakers ran with the ideas in our piece.

impact - December 2010

CUF influences new Bloomberg administration initiative

In a major speech yesterday, Deputy Mayor Bob Steel announced a new city initiative to help the city grow its technology sector that was influenced by the Center's innovation economy research.

impact - July 2010

Daily News editorial cites CUF study, backs our conclusion that state should scrap Aqueduct racino

In its lead editorial, the Daily News quotes the Center's "sharp study" about the Aqueduct Racetrack racino project and endorses our commentary's conclusion.

impact - July 2010

Mayor Bloomberg takes a page from CUF in arguing economic value of immigrants

In late June, Mayor Bloomberg launched a national campaign to advocate for an overhaul of the nation's immigration policy, basing his case on an argument made repeatedly by the Center for an Urban Future during the past few years: immigrants provide a vital economic boost to cities.

impact - July 2010

CUF report about NYC’s Innovation Economy Influences Major Policy Announcement by NYU

Two weeks ago, NYU announced the formation of a new $20 million dollar venture fund to accelerate the transformation of ideas and discoveries by its students, faculty and researchers into start-up companies. We applaud the move, which directly reflects recommendations we made in our September 2009 report, Building New York City's Innovation Economy.

impact - February 2010

Speaker Quinn Echoes CUF ideas for building NYC’s Innovation Economy

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn led off her State of the City speech with a series of proposals to "cultivate an economy of innovation" and the centerpiece of her new initiatives echoes one of the Center's key recommendations.

impact - February 2010

Manh. Borough President Announces Plan to Implement CUF Idea for Growing NYC’s Innovation Economy

In his February 2010 State of the Borough Speech, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer singled out CUF's 2009 report, "Building New York City's Innovation Economy" while outlining a plan to diversify the city's economy and spark new job growth in the tech sector.

impact - January 2010

Mayor’s State of City Speech Echoes CUF Recommendations on ESOL Programs & Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Over the past four years, CUF has repeatedly argued that limited English skills among the city's immigrant workforce are both a barrier for countless New Yorkers to advance in their careers and a constraint on New York's economic competitiveness. In his State of the City Speech last week, Mayor Bloomberg forcefully embraced many of our findings and recommendations.

impact - January 2010

Bloomberg Administration Adopts CUF Recommendation for Improving Street Fairs

In 2006, the Center published "Rethinking New York's Street Fairs," a report which urged the city to make major changes to street fairs held in the five boroughs. Last week, the Bloomberg administration embraced a major recommendation.

impact - December 2009

Governor’s Task Force Embraces CUF’s Recommendations on Bolstering New York’s Innovation Economy

The Center's Building New York City's Innovation Economy report found that while New York is home to several of the world's leading scientific research institutions, these universities and research centers have not become powerful catalysts for entrepreneurship and local economic development the way similar institutions have in several other regions. A state task force created by Governor Paterson and chaired by Cornell president David Skorton reached many of the same conclusions and embraced several of the report's recommendations.

impact - August 2009

Mayor Bloomberg endorses our recommendation to make community colleges engines of mobility

A key recommendation from our Reviving the City of Aspiration report was that "city and state officials must embrace community colleges as engines of mobility and dedicate the resources necessary to strengthen these institutions and ensure that a greater number of middle class, poor and working poor New Yorkers can attend these schools and complete their degrees." City officials are now running with our suggestion.

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