Impact - November 2014

Prompted by CUF Report, City Council examines economic impact of aging infrastructure

Prompted by CUF's Caution Ahead report, City Council held a hearing on the economic impact of New York's aging infrastructure.

Tags: economic growth infrastructure transportation

In March 2014, CUF published a comprehensive report highlighting the challenges associated with New York City’s aging infrastructure. Titled Caution Ahead, our report identified numerous vulnerabilities within the city's utility and transportation infrastructure and building stock and presented the state of New York’s infrastructure as a critical to the city’s economic vitality. We argued that the city’s roads, bridges, tunnels and trains would affect New York’s ability to attract and retain a talented workforce, and urged public officials take immediate and significant steps to bring city’s infrastructure into a state of good repair. 

In November 2014, the City Council held its second hearing prompted by our report. At the hearing, which was held jointly by the Economic Development and Transportation committees, CUF researcher Adam Forman testified that modernizing New York’s aging infrastructure is vital to sustaining the city’s economic vitality and provided recommendations for how public officials should jumpstart the rehabilitation of city-wide infrastructure.