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Report - May 2024

Closing NYC’s College Attainment Gap

Most well-paying jobs in New York City today go to individuals with a postsecondary degree, and studies suggest that this will only accelerate in the decade ahead. But there are still glaring racial, ethnic, and geographic gaps in college attainment rates across New York City.


impact - May 2024

CUF research sparks state policy changes to tuition assistance program (TAP)

The state's FY 2025 budget formally authorizes the expansion of the tuition assistance program (TAP) to part-time students, which CUF has recommended for more than a decade. The state also increased income thresholds for TAP, which the Center has recommended in several publications over the years.


Event - May 2024

Reimagining NYC’s Retail Corridors in an Age of Hybrid Work & E-Commerce

On May 8th, the Center for an Urban Future held a policy symposium focused on what New York can do to strengthen New York’s retail corridors at a time when hybrid work, e-commerce, and other challenges are creating new uncertainties.


Data - May 2024

Preparing for the End of the Affordable Connectivity Program in New York City

Few places nationally have benefited from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) as much as New York City. With full funding for the program expiring at the end of April, nearly one million households across the five boroughs are poised to lose this subsidy—with the most significant impact felt in the city’s lowest-income communities.


Commentary/Op-Ed - April 2024

To Build a Greener New York City, Start With CUNY

Meeting New York City’s ambitious climate goals will require a massive retrofit of its buildings, which make up almost 70 percent of the city’s carbon footprint. To begin, a major new initiative is needed to build a greener CUNY using incoming federal and state funding.


impact - April 2024

CUF Inspires Key Proposals in City Council’s FY2025 Budget Response

In April, the City Council released its FY2025 budget response. Several of the Council's proposals align with recent research and recommendations from the Center for an Urban Future, including investments in CUNY Reconnect and CUNY ACE, training teachers in computing education, increasing support for underresourced entrepreneurs, and bolstering adult literacy and older adult services.


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