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The Missed Opportunity Of CDFIs In The Bronx
Next City, by Aysha Khan, December 30, 2022

Chain Retailers Have Diminished NYC Presence Compared to 2019
Connect CRE, by Paul Bubny, December 29, 2022

New York City experienced a slow retail recovery this year, policy analyst says
New York Business Journal, by Julian Nazar, December 27, 2022

NYC Sees Slowing of Chain Store Openings as Pandemic & Online Shopping Cut into Sales
The Jewish Voice, December 23, 2022

City Council passes Queens lawmaker’s bills to improve accessibility, employment opportunities
QNS, by Carlotta Mohamed, December 22, 2022

Predicted chain store massacre never happened: report
The Real Deal, by Holden Walter-Warner, December 22, 2022

Retail chain stores multiplied this year, with fast food leading the way: report
Crain’s New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, December 21, 2022

NYC has lost 781 chain stores — including Duane Reade — since 2019
New York Post, by Lisa Fickenscher, December 21, 2022

Astoria, LIC Lost Chain Stores In 2022, New Report Finds
Patch, by Nick Garber, December 21, 2022

Forest Hills Still Lags In Chain Store Openings After Pandemic: Data
Patch, by Coral Murphy Marcos, December 21, 2022

NYC’s chain stores still haven’t bounced back
Gothamist, by Michelle Bocanegra and Jake Offenhartz, December 21, 2022

Even Chains Stumble Amid NYC’s Uneven Retail Recovery
Commercial Observer, by Rebecca Baird-Remba, December 21, 2022

Number of chain stores on Staten Island declined in 2022, study says
Staten Island Advance, by Jessica Jones-Gorman, December 21, 2022

An Uneven and Incomplete Recovery for NYC’s Economy in 2022
The City, by Greg David, December 21, 2022

These Community-Oriented Lenders Have Remained a ‘Quiet Secret’
The City, by Jonathan Custodio, December 12, 2022

Manhattan’s Hybrid Work Pain Is Brooklyn Office Owners’ Gain
Bisnow, by Miriam Hall, December 09, 2022

Council Wants to Speed Up Parks Projects (Like Those Much-Delayed Greenways!)
Streetsblog, by Kevin Duggan, December 08, 2022

Mayor Adams Unveils “Get Stuff Built,” Three-Pronged Strategy to Tackle Affordable Housing Crisis
Office of NYC Mayor Eric Adams, December 08, 2022

NYC advocates push plan to slash time and money spent on city projects, call system ‘broken’
Staten Island Advance, by Joseph Ostapiuk, December 07, 2022

Officials break ground on new ‘One Stop’ Welcome Center at York College to help students re-enroll
QNS, by Carlotta Mohamed, December 06, 2022

Council bill would speed up parks projects, kick off push to reform bulky capital process
Crain’s New York Business, by Caroline Spivack, December 06, 2022

City Council Speaker Adams & Chancellor Matos Rodríguez Unveil Plans for ‘One Stop’ Welcome Center
New York City Council, December 05, 2022

NYC’s technology workforce lacks CUNY graduates
The Ticker, by Caryl Anne Francia, December 02, 2022

Taking on racial inequality in New York City: Where to begin?
Gothamist, by Arya Sundaram, November 25, 2022

A ‘missed opportunity’ in using data for New York City social services, report says
City & State, by Annie McDonough, November 22, 2022

NYC Tech Industry Booms but Diversity of Employees and Locations Remains Elusive, Study Finds
The City, by Greg David, November 15, 2022

CUNY tech grads struggle to find jobs, face lower salaries
The Chief Leader, by Crystal Lewis, November 15, 2022

Going up: CUNY is a vehicle for social mobility, but could use some oiling
New York Daily News, by Editorial Board, November 12, 2022

The Rise and Fall of the Drugstore Chains
Slate, by Henry Grabar, November 10, 2022

Brooklyn Nets owner invests in overlooked founders
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, November 07, 2022

An Engine of Upward Mobility Struggles to Capture Opportunities in Tech
The New York Times, by Steve Lohr, November 07, 2022

Community Choirs, Discount Studio Space: How Should NYC Reboot the Arts Sector?
City Limits, by Mariam Hydara and Jeanmarie Evelly, November 01, 2022

Weakness in tech advertising could hit New York where it hurts
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, October 28, 2022

NYC will convert 100 fuel-burning public schools to all-electric energy by 2030
Chalkbeat New York, by Michael Elsen-Rooney, October 28, 2022

Black Tech Entrepreneurs Find a Home in NYC — and Challenges to Their Success
The City, by Greg David, October 18, 2022

Can $50 Million Make a Dull Brooklyn Office Park Cool?
The New York Times, by Winnie Hu, October 17, 2022

In drawn-out recovery, NYC inches out from COVID’s shadow
ABC News, by Deepti Hajela, October 13, 2022

Tech Industry Troubles Aren’t as Bad for Workers as You Think
The City, by Greg David, October 13, 2022

Mayor Adams Announces Comprehensive Effort To Overhaul Capital Process, Reducing Red Tape
Office of NYC Mayor Eric Adams, October 12, 2022

Mayor Adams To Provide Nearly $20 Million In Funding To Support Teens And Young Adults
Office of NYC Mayor Eric Adams, October 12, 2022

Op-ed: Urban tech can help manage some major local challenges
Crain's New York Business, by Michael Samuelian and Anthony Townsend, October 07, 2022

City’s 3-Year-Old Climate Protection Law Finally Gets Some Details Ahead of 2024 Deadline
The City, by Samantha Maldonado, October 07, 2022

Industry leaders support UBI, new study finds
The US Sun, October 06, 2022

Build faster and cheaper, NYC
New York Daily News, by Carlo Scissura, October 05, 2022

City leaders call for civil service reforms to increase jobs
Crain's New York Business, by Brian Pascus, October 03, 2022

How to make the city more equitable for all
NY1, by Rocco Vertuccio, October 01, 2022

Some in Council say Adams’ ‘in-person’ policy discriminates
The Chief, by Crystal Lewis, September 30, 2022

New York ranks second in fintech ecosystem rankings despite major setbacks
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, September 28, 2022

City Council debates creating a new office to help small businesses go digital
Crain’s New York Business, by Shelby Rosenberg, September 28, 2022

Can NYC become more equitable? Universal basic income, mobile health units among ideas in new report
Gothamist, by Chau Lam, September 28, 2022

Mayor Adams Announces $35 Million Investment in Phase One of New Linear Park in Queens
Office of NYC Mayor Eric Adams, September 16, 2022

New York City Is Still Struggling to Recover Jobs Lost During Pandemic
Robb Report, by Tori Latham, September 15, 2022

New York Sees Slowest Pace Of Job Recovery Among Major Cities
Allwork.Space, by Aayat Ali, September 15, 2022

In New York City, Pandemic Job Losses Linger
The New York Times, by Nicole Hong and Matthew Haag, September 14, 2022

Goodwill NYNJ Bridge To Tech expands services to break barriers for entry into tech careers
Goodwill NYNJ, September 12, 2022

See the Big Picture: Holistic Student Support with Data Interoperability in K-12 Schools
EdSurge, by Erin Mote, September 12, 2022

Op-ed: Brooklyn leads NYC recovery, but our colleges can help make it more equitable
Brooklyn Paper, by Dr. Miguel Martinez-Saenz, September 08, 2022

Mayor’s Focus on Workforce Development Meets ‘Pressure Cooker’ Program Landscape, New Report Says
Gotham Gazette, by Ethan Geringer-Sameth, September 08, 2022

Google bets on CUNY program to diversify city’s tech talent pool
Crain’s New York Business, by Caroline Spivack, September 01, 2022

Google CEO ‘long-term bullish’ on city as other tech firms retreat
Crain’s New York Business, by Caroline Spivack, September 01, 2022

Speaker Adams and CUNY Chancellor Rodríguez launch Reconnect program for working-age students
amNewYork, by Isabel Song Beer, August 30, 2022

Council Speaker Adams and CUNY Chancellor Launch Program to Re-Engage Working-Age Students
New York City Council, August 30, 2022

NYC’s college system launches effort to re-enroll 10,000 students who dropped out
New York Daily News, by Michael Elsen-Rooney, August 30, 2022

Accessing employment opportunity (with Eli Dvorkin)
Down to the Struts, by Qudsiya Naqui, August 29, 2022

NY begins offering tuition assistance to part-time CUNY, SUNY students
Chalkbeat, by Reema Amin, August 18, 2022

Treading Water: New York City remains vulnerable a decade after Sandy
Crain's New York Business, by Caroline Spivack, August 18, 2022

City blames climate change for sinkhole surge
Crain's New York Business, by Caroline Spivack, August 17, 2022

Behind the law that led to Chipotle’s $20M settlement with NYC
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, August 11, 2022

Build a Workforce Pipeline for New Yorkers with Disabilities
Gotham Gazette, by Diosdado Gica and Joseph McDonald III, August 04, 2022

Editorial: As some Big Tech companies pull back, others are wise to still bet on New York
Crain's New York Business, by The Editors, July 26, 2022

Tech bros prosper in New York, but won’t overrun it
Financial Times, by Joshua Chaffin, July 25, 2022

Report: Crypto’s hard year followed swift rise in New York
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, July 21, 2022

The Bronx Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums | Center for an Urban Future
BronxNet, by Daren Jaime, July 21, 2022

Eric Adams says NYC ‘may not have central business districts anymore’ as remote work persists
New York Post, by Theo Wayt, July 19, 2022

Mayor Adams talks tech with new report from the Center for an Urban Future
PoliticsNY, by Alexandra O'Connor, July 19, 2022

Devin Gilmartin’s Canvas Stretches Over New York and Beyond
Commercial Observer, by Aaron Short, July 19, 2022

Adams rakes in real estate donations
Politico, by Erin Durkin, Anna Gronewold and Georgia Rosenberg, July 18, 2022

There are now more tech jobs than Wall Street jobs in New York City
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, July 18, 2022

Tech Put New York City’s Job Market On Its Shoulders During the Pandemic
Commerical Observer, by Celia Young, July 18, 2022

Tourists Are Flocking Back to NYC, But Fear of Crime May Be Keeping Day-Trippers Away
The City, by Greg David, July 06, 2022

Experts Discuss Strategies for Boosting New York City Tourism Recovery
Gotham Gazette, by Natalie Rash, July 05, 2022

To save tourism, local players want to swing for the fences
Crain's New York Business , by Cara Eisenpress, June 29, 2022

When it Comes to Reducing New York City Emissions, CUNY Flunks the Test
Inside Climate News, by James Pothen, June 26, 2022

Study finds NYC-owned buildings see nearly 10% drop in greenhouse gas emissions — and Staten Island
Staten Island Advance, by Joseph Ostapiuk, June 15, 2022

Still no money for parks improvements, data shows
The Riverdale Press, by Sachi McClendon, June 10, 2022

Crumbling Infrastructure in New York City Will Cost Lives if Gone Unfixed | Opinion
Newsweek, by Daniel Lehewych, June 10, 2022

Bronx, CUNY-owned buildings lagging in city’s zero-emissions goal: report
Bronx Times, by Robbie Sequeira, June 09, 2022

Key Investments New York City Needs to Make in CUNY This Budget
Gotham Gazette, by Rulisa Galloway-Perry, June 08, 2022

Despite recent layoffs, the tech sector still wants you
Crain's New York Business, by Ryan Deffenbaugh and Cara Eisenpress, June 06, 2022

At Laughing Bear Bakery, A Criminal Record is a Job Qualification
The Crime Report, by Tara Adhikari/Christian Science Monitor, June 01, 2022

Editorial: Labor shortage creates new employment for those who have historically struggled
Crain's New York Business, by The Editors, May 31, 2022

Urban planner Justin Garrett Moore thinks cities need a Department of Care
The Architect's Newspaper, by Catherine Chattergoon, May 31, 2022

Give Returning Citizens Chance to Become Entrepreneurs: Report
The Crime Report, by James Van Bramer, May 24, 2022

How New York City could give former prisoners an entrepreneurial push
Crain's New York Business, by Cara Eisenpress, May 23, 2022

Hoops and Hurdles
Inside Higher Ed, by Sara Weissman, May 19, 2022

For a Just Post-Covid Recovery, Make Five ‘Fair Fares’ Reforms
Center for New York City Affairs, by David Jones, May 18, 2022

The NYPL’s temporary Grand Central branch won over the community. Now it might close
Gothamist, by Ben Yakas, May 18, 2022

Employers Reconsider College Degree Requirements in Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery
Gotham Gazette, by Ethan Geringer-Sameth, May 05, 2022

How NYC Can Overhaul ‘Discriminatory’ Government Fines and Fees: Report
City Limits, by Jeanmarie Evelly, April 28, 2022

City Watch: Council Arts Chair Urges NYC to Boost Budget in ‘Cultural Capital of the World’
City Limits, by David Brand, April 28, 2022

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