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Report - August 2007

A Bumpy Ride

This new report finds that cultural trolleys hold promise in raising the profile of arts institutions outside of Manhattan, but a lack of marketing funds and operational challenges means most trolley programs have not yet boosted attendance at local cultural venues.

by Tara Colton

Tags: economic growth boroughs

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December 2008 Update:

The Center's 2007 report "A Bumpy Ride," which examines the effectiveness of cultural trolleys that operate around the five boroughs, has led to wholesale changes in the Heart of Brooklyn's trolley program. The report found that the trolley that linked several cultural institutions in Central Brooklyn was popular with many local families, but didn't have a meaningful impact on attendance at participating cultural venues. The gas-guzzling trolley vehicles were phased out and, in November, after a short hiatus, Heart of Brooklyn unveiled the revamped HOB Connection. As our 2007 report recommended, these free shuttles bring visitors from Manhattan and various Brooklyn neighborhoods into Central Brooklyn on weekends, and do more to capitalize on the highly successful Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum.