Building the fairer city we all deserve

Commentary/Op-Ed - September 2022

Building the fairer city we all deserve

In this Daily News op-ed, CUF's Jonathan Bowles and Fisher Brothers' and Area15's Winston Fisher outline six immediate actions the Adams administration should prioritize to make progress toward a more equitable New York City.

by Jonathan Bowles and Winston Fisher

Tags: economic opportunity economic growth workforce development

There's growing consensus among New York City officials that creating a more equitable city should be at the very top of New York's policy priorities in the months ahead. More than two years of the pandemic have exacerbated longstanding disparities in so many aspects of city life, from housing and health care to access to open spaces. But while there's broad agreement that bold new policies are needed to attack the city's troubling inequalities and help far more New Yorkers get on the path to the middle class, there's little clarity on what specific policies will help New York get there. 

In this op-ed, CUF's Jonathan Bowles and Fisher Brothers' and Area15's Winston Fisher highlight six immediate actions from 150 New York-based leaders and national experts the Adams administration should prioritize to make progress toward a more equitable New York City. Some suggestions include subsidizing free online tutoring to all low-income students whose families qualify for SNAP, helping more creators of color patent their inventions, and expanding mobile health units to provide primary care to the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

Read the full op-ed here. 

This op-ed builds on the Center's ongoing and innovative research on equitable economic opportunity and strong workforce development, including City of Aspiration: 150 Ideas for Building a More Equitable NYC, In Good Company: What NYC's Employers Should Do to Expand Access to Good Jobsand RE:NEW YORK CITY: 250 Ideas from New Yorkers to Revive NYC's Economy, Spark Good Jobs, and Build a More Equitable City