Event - March 2012

Video: Improving Employment Outcomes for Young People Aging Out of NYC’s Foster Care System

As many as half of the young people who age out of New York City's foster care system each year fail to obtain and hold onto jobs. This failure to connect—and stay connected—to the world of work is one of the key reasons why an alarmingly high number of former foster youth end up incarcerated, in homeless shelters or on public assistance. This conference aimed to draw attention to this often-neglected issue and spark a broader discussion among policymakers, advocates and stakeholders about the challenges that foster youth in NYC face in accessing jobs after they age out of the system and how to develop achievable policy recommendations to address these problems.

Tags: economic opportunity workforce development youth foster care human capital

Presentation of CUF's Fostering Careers Report
Jonathan Bowles, Executive Director, Center for an Urban Future
Thomas Hilliard, Senior Fellow, Center for an Urban Future



Keynote Presentation:
Introduction: Nina Mogilnik, Child Welfare Fund
Ronald Richter, Commissioner, NYC Administration for Childrens Services



Panel 1: The Challenges of Young People Aging out of NYCs Foster Care System
Moderator: Jonathan Bowles, Executive Director, Center for an Urban Future
Courtney Hawkins, Vice President, Education & Youth Services, FEGS
Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)
Susan Magazine, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Children
Dianuris Ortiz, Foster Youth Advocate
Randolph Peers, Executive Director, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow


Panel 2: The City Perspective: NYC Public Officials on Helping Foster Youth
Moderator: Errol Louis, NY1's "Inside City Hall"
Katy Gaul, Deputy Commissioner, NYC Human Resources Administration
Angie Kamath, Deputy Commissioner for Workforce Development, NYC Department of Small Business Services 
Jeanne Mullgrav, Commissioner, NYC Department of Youth & Community Development 
Ronald Richter, Commissioner, NYC Administration for Childrens Services
Maryanne Schretzman, Executive Director, Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence