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Testimony - December 2014

Making “Career Pathways” a Reality

CUF workforce fellow David Jason Fischer testified about the Jobs for New Yorkers Task Force report before the New York City Council’s Committees on Community Development, Economic Development and Civil Service and Labor. In his testimony, Fischer provided his perspective on the challenges for implementing the report's recommendations within the city’s current workforce development system.

Testimony - November 2014

Planning for New York’s Aging Immigrant Population

In this testimony before a joint hearing of the New York City Council’s committees on aging and immigration, CUF research associate Christian González-Rivera details what city agencies and nonprofit organizations need to do to better serve New York’s rapidly growing population of older immigrants.

Testimony - November 2014

A call to sustain New York’s economic vitality by improving infrastructure

At a November 2014 hearing before the New York City Council Committee on Economic Development and Transportation, the Center’s Adam Forman highlighted how improving New York’s infrastructure is vital to sustaining the city’s economic vitality, and proposed three ways that public officials could begin rehabilitating city-wide infrastructure.

Testimony - July 2014

A Call for Better Transit Outside of Manhattan

At a July 2014 hearing before the MTA Transportation Reinvention Commission, the Center’s David Giles highlighted New York City’s rapidly changing economic geography and called on the MTA to make addressing non-Manhattan commuting a top priority.

Testimony - June 2014

Testimony: Aging Infrastructure - New York City’s Gas, Steam and Water Infrastructure

In this testimony before a joint Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Consumer Affairs City Council hearing, the Center’s Adam Forman highlights numerous vulnerabilities in the City's gas, water and sewage infrastructure. He recommends that the city prioritize the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and better coordinate its capital planning process across agencies.

Testimony - June 2014

Testimony: Aging out of Foster Care

At a June 2014 City Council hearing on youth aging out of the foster care system, CUF Senior Fellow Thomas Hilliard testified on the importance of exploring the developmental outcomes of foster care, such as high school graduation rates, early predictors of dropout and use of city services after leaving care.

Testimony - September 2013

Testimony: Building Better Libraries

In this testimony before a City Council hearing, the Center’s Jonathan Bowles points out that while New York’s libraries are more important than ever, the branches’ physical infrastructure hasn't kept pace. And with little capital dollars coming from the city, he argues that library administrators are smart to consider alternative ways of renovating branches.

Testimony - June 2012

Keeping Up with the Boroughs

The New York City Council held a hearing that was prompted by the Center for an Urban Future's 2011 "Behind the Curb" report, which documented that New York City's public transit service has not kept pace with recent job growth and transit ridership gains in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The Center commended the Council's Transportation Committee for convening the hearing, which is titled "Keeping Up with the Boroughs—Addressing Public Transit Needs Outside Manhattan."

Testimony - April 2012

The Economic Impact of NYC’s Libraries

At a City Council hearing on the city's proposed $100 million budget cut to public libraries, CUF's David Giles testified on the growing importance of branch libraries as community centers. At a time when the city faces enormous human capital challenges, more and more New Yorkers depend on the public libraries for job information, resume writing help, adult literacy, English language classes and other key services.

Testimony - December 2010

Closing the College Achievement Gap

At a December 14th New York State Assembly hearing on strengthening student success in higher education, CUF Senior Fellow Thomas Hilliard testified that policymakers should make student success a top state priority and restructure the way New York governs and finances its community colleges.

Testimony - October 2009

Translating New York’s Science and Technology Assets Into Economic Activity

At an October 9th hearing held by the Governor’s Task Force on Diversifying the New York State Economy through Industry-Higher Education Partnerships, CUF’s Jonathan Bowles testified about how to make New York’s pre-eminent scientific research institutions engines of entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Testimony - June 2009

Using Workforce Development As A Tool to Diversify the Economy

At a June 23 New York City Council hearing on how workforce development can help diversify the local economy, CUF project director David Jason Fischer testified that officials must force alignment between job training programs and the city's economic development objectives and investments.

Testimony - October 2008

The Road to Reforming CTE

At a recent City Council oversight hearing, CUF project director David Jason Fischer called upon city officials to add more detail and specificity to plans for remaking career and technical education in New York City.

Testimony - June 2008

Are New York Schools Preparing Students for Work?

In this testimony before a New York State Senate hearing, the Center’s David Jason Fischer detailed the promise of high school career and technical education programs to guide New York students toward remunerative careers in high-demand fields.

Testimony - January 2008

Measuring the Success of Workforce Development Programs

Appearing before a City Council hearing, CUF project director David Fischer testified that the problems of New York’s workforce programs-—grossly inadequate funding, statutory limitations and too-modest ambition-—are properly laid on Washington, DC doorsteps.

Testimony - December 2007

Creating Greater Opportunities for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

In this testimony before a City Council hearing prompted by the Center's "A World of Opportunity" report, CUF director Jonathan Bowles argues that policymakers and economic development officials must do more to support immigrant entrepreneurs, which are a growing but often neglected part of the city's economy.

Testimony - September 2007

It’s Time to Reinvent New York’s Street Fairs

In this testimony before the City Council, associate research director Tara Colton argues that a significant overhaul of the city’s street fair system is long overdue and the city should do more to involve local entrepreneurs and artists in the fairs.

Testimony - May 2007

Meeting Demand for ESOL in NYC

In this testimony before a City Council hearing prompted by the Center's 2006 report, "Lost in Translation," associate research director Tara Colton lays out steps the city can take to address the enormous unmet demand for ESOL classes.

Testimony - February 2007

In Working Order

At a City Council hearing on the state of NYC's workforce development system, CUF Project Director David Fischer testified that the Bloomberg administration has made great strides but needs more resources and a broader vision.

Testimony - September 2006

From Disconnected to Career-Directed

At the NYC Workforce Investment Board meeting on Sept. 13, CUF Project Director David Fischer made this presentation on aging worker replacement and career opportunities for disconnected youth in several vital sectors of the city's economy.

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