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Data - June 2024

Expanding Access to Advertising Careers in NYC

To make progress toward a more equitable economy in New York, it will be crucial to expand access to careers in several growing middle- and high-wage industries that employ alarmingly few New Yorkers of color. Advertising is one sector where progress is both needed and possible.

Data - May 2024

Preparing for the End of the Affordable Connectivity Program in New York City

Few places nationally have benefited from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) as much as New York City. With full funding for the program expiring at the end of April, nearly one million households across the five boroughs are poised to lose this subsidy—with the most significant impact felt in the city’s lowest-income communities.

Data - June 2022

Greening City Buildings: More Progress Is Needed to Meet NYC’s Municipal Emissions Reduction Goals

While greenhouse gas emissions from city-owned buildings have decreased since 2014, this new analysis reveals 8 of 25 city agencies have seen emissions increase, including a 15 percent spike at CUNY. More progress will be needed to achieve the city’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Data - December 2021

State of the Chains, 2021

Our fourteenth annual ranking of national retailers in New York City finds a slow rebound of chain stores across the five boroughs, following the most challenging year on record. This year chain stores broke a three-year streak of net losses, increasing locations by 2.7 percent. But this year’s bounce back—largely powered by the reopening of 260 stores that had shuttered in 2020—still leaves the city well short of pre-pandemic levels.

Data - November 2021

Expanding Apprenticeships in NYC

While New York State has made significant progress in expanding apprenticeships since 2018, New York City has seen little growth. With renewed support, the city has the opportunity to leverage this high-impact training model and make apprenticeships in high-growth industries like tech and healthcare a key component of an inclusive economic recovery.

Data - November 2021

Before the Next Flood: NYC Needs More Progress Building Green Infrastructure

While the city has made significant progress in ramping up the construction of green infrastructure, it has fallen short of state-mandated targets and struggled to finish construction on thousands of green infrastructure assets in a timely manner. The next administration needs to expand its goals and accelerate construction throughout the city.

Data - March 2017

The Unkindest Cuts: New York Has the Most to Lose if the NEA Is Abolished

The Trump administration's plans to dismantle the National Endowment for the Arts will hurt hard-working artists across the country. Nowhere will these cuts be felt more deeply than in New York City, which receives one out of five NEA grants, worth $15.5 million in 2016. These funds support everything from major museum exhibitions to upstart performance groups, and, above all, good jobs for thousands of New Yorkers.

Data - March 2017

Taking to TASC: Too Few New Yorkers Are Passing the High School Equivalency Exam

After the New York State Department of Education switched from the GED to a new high school equivalency exam, TASC, in 2014, the number of New York adults obtaining their HSE fell by half. The Center’s report is a first-ever look at the number of the New Yorkers that are taking and passing the new HSE exam since New York State changed test providers.

Data - October 2016

Where Immigrant New Yorkers Go to Work

Immigrants form an essential part of New York City's workforce. This data brief reveals where the city's immigrants go to work, including industries with a surprisingly high proportion of immigrant workers and others where immigrants are almost completely left out.

Data - September 2016

Jobs in Transit: Opportunity in the Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is growing in New York City, creating opportunities for accessible middle-wage jobs across the five boroughs. This data brief, the latest publication of our Middle Class Jobs Project, documents the industry's recent job gains, which have outpaced the city's overall economic growth over the past two years.

Data - July 2016

Data from Making It Here: The Future of Manufacturing in New York City

The following data is part of CUF's 2016 Making It Here report. The report explores the new wave of modern manufacturing companies that are adding jobs across New York City, with a focus on three industries: 3D printing, wood and metal fabrication, and food.

Data - June 2016

Libraries Teach Tech: Building Skills for a Digital World

This new data brief finds that NYC’s public libraries are playing an increasingly important role in helping New Yorkers develop the technology skills needed in today’s economy. It shows that the city’s libraries provided tech training to more than 150,000 New Yorkers in 2015, an 81 percent increase from just three years earlier.

Data - May 2016

The Rise (and Fall) of Middle Wage Industries in NYC

While the share of middle income jobs in New York City has declined over the past couple of decades, there is evidence that industries with middle income wages are staging a bit of a comeback.

Data - May 2016

Brooklyn Design Boom

Our new data brief highlights the growing importance of the design sector to New York City’s economy, and details that a disproportionate share of the growth in the sector is now occurring in Brooklyn. It shows that employment at architecture and design companies in Brooklyn increased by 86 percent between 2010 and 2014, significantly outpacing the growth citywide (23 percent) and in Manhattan (19 percent).

Data - March 2016

Library Times Are A-Changin’

Our second annual assessment of library hours in New York shows that 40 percent more branch libraries in NYC are open at least six days a week than this time last year. But while city libraries are open an average of 4 hours more per week than a year ago, they still lag behind many of the largest library systems in the state and nation in hours of operation.

Data - March 2016

Fast City, Slow Commute

New Yorkers are efficient, direct and fast moving. Their commutes: anything but. In this data analysis, we examine New Yorkers’ commutes by neighborhood and across industries.

Data - March 2016

Women-Owned Businesses in the Nation’s 25 Largest Cities

This index provides data on women-owned businesses in each of the nation’s 25 largest cities, including the overall number of women-owned firms, the growth rate for women-owned businesses and male-owned businesses, and average revenues per women-owned business.

Data - March 2016

Data from Breaking Through

Charts and tables from our 2016 Breaking Through study. The report found that though women entrepreneurs of all ages, races and ethnicities are having an increasingly large impact on New York City’s economy, the city has only begun to harness the full potential of women entrepreneurs.

Data - November 2015

Manufacturing in NYC: A Snapshot

This data analysis, the inaugural publication of the Center for an Urban Future’s Middle Class Jobs Project, provides a new level of detail about New York City’s manufacturing sector. It reveals that the city has gained nearly 1,000 manufacturing jobs since 2011, reversing a long decline, and documents which manufacturing subsectors in the five boroughs are growing the fastest.

Data - October 2015

Creative New York, At A Glance

From museums to film studios, dance companies to design firms, the creative sector is one of New York City’s most important economic assets. Using data from CUF's 2015 Creative New York report, this infographic shows the incredible growth, as well as the ongoing challenges of the city’s creative industries.

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