Event - December 2016

Expanding Opportunities in Brooklyn’s Tech and Creative Sectors

Ensuring that more residents benefit from the boom of jobs in Brooklyn’s technology and creative sectors is both a major challenge and vital opportunity for the future of the borough. A CUF symposium brought many promising ideas to light.

Event - June 2016

Video - How can NY State integrate job training into its economic development strategy?

New York State commits nearly $1 billion each year to economic development projects across the state through its 10 Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs). Thus far, however, REDC’s have only made limited investments in job training and workforce development. On June 14, 2016 Center for an Urban Future and NYATEP held a policy forum on how New York can strengthen connections between its signature economic development initiative and job training programs.

Event - January 2016

Video - A Door to Opportunity

At a time when the economy is producing few decent-paying jobs for those without a college degree, our January 12, 2016 symposium explored what state policymakers can do to improve the outcomes for community college students throughout New York.

Event - January 2016

VIDEO - Career Pathways, One Year Later

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the Center for an Urban Future and NYU Wagner convened a forum on realizing the promise of Career Pathways, the city's new approach to workforce development.

Event - October 2015

The Future of the Arts in NYC

On October 14, 2015, the Center for an Urban Future in partnership with the City of New York organized a half-day conference at the Morgan Library and Museum to discuss the future of the arts in New York. In this recap, we share some important take-aways from the discussion and a few ideas that we found particularly compelling and achievable.

Event - March 2015

Video - Making New York’s Workforce Development System More Accountable

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, Center for an Urban Future and NYATEP held Making New York’s Workforce Development System More Accountable, a symposium on how wage reporting data can help the state measure the success of its workforce development system.

Event - December 2014

VIDEO - Symposium for Re-Envisioning New York’s Branch Libraries

On December 4, 2014, we convened a dynamic conference for rethinking and re-imagining New York City's branch libraries. Organized by the Center for an Urban Future in collaboration with The Architectural League of New York and the Charles H. Revson Foundation, we invited six interdisciplinary teams to present innovative design solutions for the challenges facing branch libraries and curated response panels with key officials from the de Blasio administration and City Council, as well as other distinguished community leaders, developers and policy experts.

Event - October 2014

Video: Strengthening NYC’s Youth Workforce Development System

On October 7, 2014, the Center for an Urban Future and JobsFirstNYC held a solutions-oriented symposium on how to address New York City's youth workforce development system and to discuss specific steps that the de Blasio administration could take to get more young New Yorkers into decent paying careers.

Event - May 2014

Video: Launching Low-Income Entrepreneurs

At a time when so many of the new jobs being created in today's economy offer low wages and limited opportunity for economic mobility, the Center for an Urban Future's May 16, 2014 symposium explored entrepreneurship as one route for low-income New Yorkers to achieve economic self-sufficiency and potential strategies for city and state government, the private sector and nonprofit organizations to expand the number of low-income entrepreneurs in the five boroughs.

Event - May 2014

Video: State of New York’s Infrastructure

Building on the findings and recommendations of Caution Ahead‒ our report on New York City's aging infrastructure‒ Center for an Urban Future and City & State held a half-day conference on May 15, 2014 to discuss three infrastructure areas vital to our city's future: transportation, buildings and utilities.

Event - February 2014

Video: Taking NYC’s Design Week to the Next Level

Check out the video from our February 12, 2014 forum examining what can be done to improve and build on NYC’s first-ever design week. NYCxDESIGN, which debuted last May, was a big hit. But as New York moves forward with preparations for the second edition of its design festival this spring, a number of distinguished panelists weighed in on how to make it even better.

Event - January 2014

Video: Platforms for Mobility

New York State's 35 community colleges are increasingly vital to the state's economy and more critical than ever to individuals' economic mobility. On January 10, 2014, the Center for an Urban Future held a symposium in Albany that focused on how New York can harness the full potential of its community colleges and what can be done to ensure that more of those who enroll in the state’s community colleges actually graduate.

Event - October 2013

Video: The New Face of New York’s Seniors Forum

On October 15, 2013, the Center for an Urban Future held a conference on planning for New York City's rapidly aging immigrant population. With 430,000 foreign born residents over the age of 65, New York has by far the largest immigrant senior population of any U.S. city. This symposium delved into how New York should plan for the aging of its immigrant population, with panelists sharing solutions they have implemented to serve older immigrants. It also fleshed out what strategies government agencies, nonprofit organizations and immigrant leaders can develop to ensure that New York is not only a great place for immigrants but also a great place for immigrants to grow old.

Event - June 2013

Video: Innovation and the City - Cities as the Nation’s Drivers of Policy Innovation

In June 2013, the Center for an Urban Future and NYU Wagner hosted a forum featuring prominent urban experts and policymakers to discuss why cities from New York to Seattle have recently emerged as the primary laboratories for government innovation and experimentation, what mayors are doing to unleash innovative ideas within their administrations, how to make new policy initiatives scalable, what policy areas could still benefit from major policy innovations and whether there are downsides to the current focus on policy innovations.

Event - March 2013

Video: Opportunity Institutions

On March 11, 2013, the Center for an Urban Future held a conference on how public libraries are addressing NYC’s critical human capital challenges. The symposium aimed to spark a discussion among policymakers, educators, social services practitioners, community advocates and business leaders about the role that New York’s public libraries are playing in addressing the city’s skills gap and other key human capital challenges and what more libraries might be capable of doing in the future.

Event - January 2013

Video: Is it Time to Say Goodbye to the GED®?

New York State is on the verge of replacing the familiar GED® with the nation's first alternative high school equivalency exam. Join the Center for an Urban Future and the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy at a high-profile symposium in Albany to explore the big questions about the Regents' ambitious plan.

Event - March 2012

Video: Improving Employment Outcomes for Young People Aging Out of NYC’s Foster Care System

As many as half of the young people who age out of New York City's foster care system each year fail to obtain and hold onto jobs. This failure to connect—and stay connected—to the world of work is one of the key reasons why an alarmingly high number of former foster youth end up incarcerated, in homeless shelters or on public assistance. This conference aimed to draw attention to this often-neglected issue and spark a broader discussion among policymakers, advocates and stakeholders about the challenges that foster youth in NYC face in accessing jobs after they age out of the system and how to develop achievable policy recommendations to address these problems.

Event - September 2011

Reforming New York’s GED System

While there is widespread support in New York State and City for raising GED pass rates and increasing the number of people who are well-prepared to take the test, the means by which we achieve these improvements is disputed among officials, policymakers, program operators and academics. This panel will bring together leading state and city education officials with policy experts and community-based practitioners to discuss which GED reforms make the most sense and how to achieve them in practice. The panelists will examine which programs are models that could be built upon, anticipated changes to the GED test, whether New York should charge a fee for test takers, the benefits and costs of the official practice test, availability and quality of preparatory instruction, and how to ensure that more GED attainers go on to college.

Event - September 2011

Do You Get What You Pay For? Financial Incentives in Public Policy

During these days of economic distress and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to understand which strategies are most effective in alleviating poverty and improving the lives of low-income people. Please join us for a half-day conference that will discuss one of the most promising—and controversial—antipoverty strategies: financial incentives in health and social policy.

Event - March 2011

Video: Restarting the Economy: Unlocking the Growth Potential of Small Businesses

With so many Americans now unemployed and the economy still struggling to get into a high gear, the country badly needs small businesses to work their magic. Small businesses created roughly two thirds of all new jobs in the United States over the past 15 years, but they are also the nation's turnaround specialists: Small firms almost single handedly sparked the economic recovery during the nation's two previous recessions. But this time, small firms have been struggling, too.

This conference will focus on what the private and public sectors can do to help more of the nation's small businesses expand and create jobsand serve as a catalyst for economic growth. With a panel featuring some of the nation's leading thinkers about strategies for small business growth, the event will discuss everything from how to help more small businesses export their products and services and how to get more small firms to become suppliers to the nation's largest corporations to how to address the financing gaps that inhibit so many small businesses from growing to the next level.

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