Commentary/Op-Ed - December 2004

Q&A With Susan Meeker

With Staten Island facing a number of hot-button development issues, CUF recently spoke with Susan Meeker, executive director of the West Brighton Community Local Development Corporation about development proposals for the North Shore waterfront, the borough's nightmarish traffic congestion, and more.

Commentary/Op-Ed - December 2004

We can do more to close the ‘broadband gap’

In this op-ed for Newsday, CUF Research Director Jonathan Bowles explains steps New York City can take to bring reliable broadband internet access to every corner of the five boroughs.

Commentary/Op-Ed - November 2004

Q&A with Kenneth Knuckles

In the first edition of this new monthly online feature, CUF Research Director Jonathan Bowles talks with Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone CEO Kenneth Knuckles about development plans in Harlem, proposed expansion at Columbia University and the future of economic development in New York City.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2004

Unforced Error

The absence of any meaningful effort to promote the Flushing section of Queens to the millions of tennis and baseball fans who visit every year represents a missed opportunity to give the neighborhood an economic boost.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2004

The Big Idea: Black Male Unemployment in NYC, 2004

From the latest issue of City Limits magazine, CUF project director David Fischer argues that New York must mobilize a crisis response or risk the current high rate of black male unemployment becoming chronic.

Commentary/Op-Ed - February 2004

Ditching Class

Half of all New York City schoolteachers leave the classroom within five years--presenting a huge obstacle to Mayor Bloomberg's ambitious school reform agenda.

Commentary/Op-Ed - January 2004

Safety ‘Net

New York City is increasingly wired to help poor residents access city services and search for jobs online--but the gap between potential and practice could comprise a second Digital Divide.

Commentary/Op-Ed - December 2003

Dressed to Skill

At last, New York City shows signs of understanding that workforce development contributes to economic development. That's why the city's newest workforce authority is well suited to its job.

Commentary/Op-Ed - November 2003

Twilight Zoning

The city says the new landscape of historically industrial areas of Williamsburg will be "mixed use." But high-priced housing won't just sound the death knell for existing industry--it will weaken New York's economy, too.

Commentary/Op-Ed - October 2003

Model Cities

Data shows New York’s economic pulse has been flatlining for years. What urban wonks can learn from unlikely recovery zones in Los Angeles and Houston.

Commentary/Op-Ed - September 2003

City Faces Severe Challenges to Economic Growth

This editorial based on the author's recent report Engine Failure, co-written with Joel Kotkin, originally appeared in Newsday on September 19, 2003.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2003

The outrage over New York City’s storefront awning ticket blitz is justified—but so are the limits

The outrage over New York City's storefront awning ticket blitz is justified--but so are the limits on signage.

Commentary/Op-Ed - June 2003

Working Assets

Government should help employers hang on to their workers during tough times--it’s certainly cheaper than unemployment checks.

Commentary/Op-Ed - May 2003

Call for Backup

If the city's serious about making downtown thrive, a small investment in wireless technology will pay huge dividends.

Commentary/Op-Ed - April 2003

NYC’s Six Closest Suburbs Gained 39,000 Jobs Over the Past Year While the City Lost 58,000 Jobs

The Center for an Urban Future charges that Pataki and Bruno's opposition to commuter tax is pure politics and shows blatant disregard for NYC’s fiscal problems and post-9/11 needs.

Commentary/Op-Ed - April 2003

City’s Jobless Need All the Help They Can Get

This op-ed on New York City workforce policy appeared in Newsday on April 30, 2003.

Commentary/Op-Ed - April 2003

Sick Transit

New York can't afford not to build a 21st-century public transportation system.

Commentary/Op-Ed - March 2003

Learning from Labor

Unions operate a number of New York City's most successful job training programs. But the publicly run workforce system has met these labor successes with indifference, or worse.

Commentary/Op-Ed - February 2003

Latest Employment Figures Make A Strong Case For New York City Receiving Special Aid From Albany And

CUF reveals that NYC accounted for 97 percent of the state's job losses and 18 percent of the national job losses over the past year.

Commentary/Op-Ed - February 2003

Slow Down on Far West Midtown

With virtually no public discussion, the plan for Far West Midtown is going full speed ahead.

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