Testimony - September 2004

Workforce Reorganization, One Year Later

CUF project director David Fischer recently spoke to the New York City Council's committee on economic development about the progress of the NYC Department of Small Business Services on workforce development issues.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2004

Unforced Error

The absence of any meaningful effort to promote the Flushing section of Queens to the millions of tennis and baseball fans who visit every year represents a missed opportunity to give the neighborhood an economic boost.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2004

The Big Idea: Black Male Unemployment in NYC, 2004

From the latest issue of City Limits magazine, CUF project director David Fischer argues that New York must mobilize a crisis response or risk the current high rate of black male unemployment becoming chronic.

Testimony - May 2004

Testimony: New York’s Broadband Gap

At a recent City Council hearing, CUF research director Jonathan Bowles testified that while broadband is becoming crucial for small businesses in every sector, many firms outside of Manhattan have difficulty accessing a reliable and affordable high-speed connection.

Testimony - April 2004

Testimony to the Joint City Council Hearing on African-American Unemployment in New York City

On April 22, CUF project director David Fischer addressed a joint hearing of City Council's General Welfare, Economic Development and Community Development committees on a recent report showing that black male unemployment in New York has reached crisis levels.

Report - April 2004

CUNY on the Job

This new report--an update to CUF's 1999 study, "Putting CUNY to Work"--finds that workforce development has become a priority at CUNY, with sharp increases in enrollment for employer contract training, adult education and other training programs.

Commentary/Op-Ed - February 2004

Ditching Class

Half of all New York City schoolteachers leave the classroom within five years--presenting a huge obstacle to Mayor Bloomberg's ambitious school reform agenda.

Commentary/Op-Ed - January 2004

Safety ‘Net

New York City is increasingly wired to help poor residents access city services and search for jobs online--but the gap between potential and practice could comprise a second Digital Divide.

Testimony - December 2003

NYC Continues to Lose Market Share in Fast-Growing Air Cargo Sector

CUF research director Jonathan Bowles testifies to City Council that while the national air cargo sector is growing, New York continues to slide from its once-dominant position.

Commentary/Op-Ed - December 2003

Dressed to Skill

At last, New York City shows signs of understanding that workforce development contributes to economic development. That's why the city's newest workforce authority is well suited to its job.

Report - December 2003

Seeking a Workforce System

This first of its kind study, co-created by the Center and the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals, tracks $1.3 billion spent in New York on workforce programs--and finds significant fragmentation.

Testimony - November 2003

City Zoning Decisions Further Harm NYC Manufacturers

CUF Research Director Jonathan Bowles addresses City Council on recent city zoning decisions and the impact on city businesses.

Commentary/Op-Ed - November 2003

Twilight Zoning

The city says the new landscape of historically industrial areas of Williamsburg will be "mixed use." But high-priced housing won't just sound the death knell for existing industry--it will weaken New York's economy, too.

Commentary/Op-Ed - October 2003

Model Cities

Data shows New York’s economic pulse has been flatlining for years. What urban wonks can learn from unlikely recovery zones in Los Angeles and Houston.

Testimony - September 2003

Workforce System in Transition

CUF project director David Jason Fischer addressed a joint hearing of the Youth and Economic Development Committees of City Council on Monday, Sept. 15.

Commentary/Op-Ed - September 2003

City Faces Severe Challenges to Economic Growth

This editorial based on the author's recent report Engine Failure, co-written with Joel Kotkin, originally appeared in Newsday on September 19, 2003.

Report - September 2003

Engine Failure

With economic woes that go well beyond 9/11, New York needs a bold new vision to renew the city’s economy. In this acclaimed report, the Center for an Urban Future lays out a plan for growth that transcends skyscrapers and stock tickers.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2003

The outrage over New York City’s storefront awning ticket blitz is justified—but so are the limits

The outrage over New York City's storefront awning ticket blitz is justified--but so are the limits on signage.

Testimony - June 2003

Testimony Supporting the Creation of a CUNY School of Professional Studies

Center director Neil Kleiman speaks to the CUNY Board of Trustees about the proposal to create a school of professional studies at CUNY

Testimony - June 2003

Transferring Workforce Programs to the Department of Small Business Services

CUF Project Director David Fischer speaks to the General Welfare Committee of the City Council on the Bloomberg Administration's move to shift job training responsibility to the Department of Small Business Services.

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