Report - February 2009

Reviving the Middle Class Dream in NYC

This major report by the Center for an Urban Future, titled "Reviving the City of Aspiration," concludes that New York’s longstanding legacy as a place that both sustained a large middle class and elevated countless people from poorer backgrounds into the middle class is now in serious jeopardy.

Commentary/Op-Ed - January 2009

Paying Attention to Cities

After years of federal policies neglecting urban areas, Barack Obama has sent some encouraging signals that he understands their importance. Certainly, New York could use a helping hand. In this commentary for Gotham Gazette, CUF director Jonathan Bowles lays out some ideas for what the president could do to aid New York. Bowles and CUF deputy director Tara Colton also appeared on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show to discuss these ideas.

Report - January 2009

51 Things the Obama Administration Should do for New York City

The advent of the Obama administration offers great hope that the period of years, if not decades, when the federal government all but turned its back on the needs of urban communities is finally over. But what exactly should the new president do for New York City? Our new report, “50+1: A Federal Agenda for New York City,” lays out 51 specific recommendations for what the Obama administration and the 111th Congress could do to help New York City. The ideas range from taking immediate steps to ensure that the 2010 Census does not undercount New York and providing anti-terror funds to localities based on risk to accelerating the rollout of new air traffic control technology to reduce flight delays.

Commentary/Op-Ed - December 2008

Q&A with Eldon Scott, founder of the Union Square Holiday Market

As part of our series of Q&A’s with New York City innovators, entrepreneurs and policy experts, the Center’s Jonathan Bowles interviews Eldon Scott, who is arguably the person most responsible for creating the city's holiday markets.

Report - November 2008

Capital Crunch

This issue of New York by the Numbers shows that the number of 7(a) loans—the SBA’s primary business lending program—in the New York metro area that were approved during fiscal year 2008 fell by 40 percent from the previous year, compared to a 30 percent drop nationally. Meanwhile, the number of SBA microloans plunged by 35 percent in the New York region over the last year, compared to a nine percent increase nationally.

Report - November 2008

Coney Island Visions

What is novelist Jonathan Lethem's vision for Coney Island? What does the CEO of Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens think the city should do to reinvigorate Coney? What about New York video game developer Eric Zimmerman? In this new report, 23 influential architects, writers, developers and amusement industry experts from New York and around the world offer their "vision" for Coney Island's future.

Report - October 2008

New York’s Decentralized Economy?

When the local economy does pick up again, will most of the new jobs be created here or elsewhere in the region? It's impossible to predict, but this edition of New York by the Numbers reveals that the city's share of private sector jobs in the 17-county region has steadily declined over the last 30 years.

Testimony - October 2008

The Road to Reforming CTE

At a recent City Council oversight hearing, CUF project director David Jason Fischer called upon city officials to add more detail and specificity to plans for remaking career and technical education in New York City.

Report - September 2008

Five Borough Growth

In this edition of New York by the Numbers, we provide a neighborhood by neighborhood examination of where the jobs were created during the past 10 years.

Commentary/Op-Ed - September 2008

An Investment That Works

This Off the CUF commentary criticizes the Bush administration for sharply cutting funds for workforce development in recent years at a time when developing the skills of workers is increasingly important to the economic fortunes of New York and other cities.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2008

New York Needs An Olympic-Sized Infrastructure Investment

This Off the CUF commentary by the president of RPA points out that China is aggressively expanding its urban infrastructure and argues that officials in the U.S. and New York need to do the same.

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2008

A Desirable Option

Following up on the Center's "Schools That Work" report, this New York Sun opinion column asserts that Mayor Bloomberg's task force on career and technical education has identified the problems facing CTE, but has not offered enough detail in its plans to address them.

Report - July 2008

Attack of the Chains?

This inaugural edition of New York by the Numbers, a new monthly CUF feature, features a ranking of more than 150 national retailers with multiple stores in New York City, from Dunkin' Donuts (341 stores) to Crate and Barrel (2 stores). We provide a borough-by-borough breakdown of the number of stores each retailer has here.

Commentary/Op-Ed - July 2008

Opportunity Costs

Our latest Off the CUF commentary criticizes City Hall for slashing the budget of a critical ESOL program at a time when immigrants make up a growing share of the city's workforce and there is a huge unmet need for English language instruction.

Testimony - June 2008

Are New York Schools Preparing Students for Work?

In this testimony before a New York State Senate hearing, the Center’s David Jason Fischer detailed the promise of high school career and technical education programs to guide New York students toward remunerative careers in high-demand fields.

Commentary/Op-Ed - June 2008

Trouble Brewing

This Off the CUF commentary by the co-founder of the Brooklyn Brewery details his firm’s unsuccessful four-year saga to find new space in the five boroughs and calls on policymakers to provide more support for small manufacturers in the face of gentrification, rezoning of industrial areas and rising real estate prices.

Commentary/Op-Ed - June 2008

Recipe For Growth

This Off the CUF commentary urges city economic development officials to support the creation of additional kitchen incubators, which give food entrepreneurs something that's often impossible to find in New York: a licensed commercial kitchen at affordable rates.

Report - May 2008

Schools That Work

This new report finds that New York City's long overlooked and under-funded career and technical education high schools might hold the key to improving citywide educational outcomes and ensuring a steady stream of skilled workers for local employers.

Report - May 2008

Getting in the Game

This report finds that the fast-growing video game industry represents a promising opportunity for New York City's economy, but the sector faces significant challenges and still lags well behind established gaming hubs like Seattle, Los Angeles and Montreal.

Report - March 2008

Affordable Housing Gaps in High Cost Urban Areas

As the nation’s housing and lending crisis began to unfurl in 2007, banking, government and housing experts convened for a groundbreaking conference sponsored by the Office of Thrift Supervision and Citi to discuss the future of affordable housing in NYC. This white paper details the ideas discussed.

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