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Return of the Chains

Report - August 2009

Return of the Chains

Our second annual ranking of national retailers in New York City finds that over 30 percent of the retailers from last year's report actually expanded their presence in the city in the past year, despite the sour economy. Dunkin' Donuts tops our list for the second straight year, with a staggering 429 stores. The list includes a breakdown of 277 national retailers that have two or more stores in NYC, broken down by every borough and zip code.

by Jonathan Bowles, Joshua Rinaldi and Marc Shavitz

Tags: economic growth boroughs chains retail

Click here to read the full report (PDF).

The top 10 in 2009:

Dunkin' Donuts: 429
Subway: 361        
McDonald's: 258        
Starbucks: 258                 

Duane Reade: 229        
Baskin-Robbins: 207                 

Rite Aid: 195                

Radio Shack: 115               

GNC: 110                 

Sleepy's: 108