Report - June 2006

The Final Frontier

In this policy brief, the Center urges the Bloomberg administration to back proposals to redevelop two vacant government warehouses in Sunset Park that would create 2 million square feet of space for manufacturers at a time when industrial firms in NYC are feeling squeezed.

Report - May 2006

Chance of a Lifetime

In this report, the Center finds that the anticipated retirement of tens of thousands of Baby Boomers in the next few years will create an unprecedented opportunity for New York City to move significant numbers of young, at-risk New Yorkers into career-track jobs.

Testimony - April 2006

Immigrant Entrepreneurs’ Role in the Growth of Staten Island’s Economy

CUF director Jonathan Bowles argues that immigrant entrepreneurs could be a significant catalyst for economic growth on Staten Island in this speech, which he delivered on April 25 at the Staten Island Conference, sponsored by SIEDC.

Testimony - April 2006

The Limits of WIA

In testimony before a New York City Council hearing on April 11, CUF project director David Jason Fischer articulated how the severely limited funding and onerous legislative restrictions of the federal Workforce Investment Act have impaired efforts to serve New York City employers and jobseekers.

Testimony - April 2006

Beyond the Construction Commission

CUF Project Director David Jason Fischer testified at an April 4 City Council hearing on the work of the Mayor's Commission on Construction Opportunity, citing the Commission as a model for attaching young New Yorkers to career-track jobs in other key city industries.

Report - April 2006

Ready or Not

This new report focuses on the alarming number of young people who graduate from New York City public high schools unprepared to succeed in college, and provides a detailed examination of three college readiness programs run by CUNY and the city's public school system. The report concludes that a lack of institutional support from the city's top education officials may make it difficult to expand or improve upon these programs in the years ahead.

Report - March 2006

More Hard Times for New York’s Working Families

This new report by the Center for an Urban Future and the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy reveals that the number of working poor families in the state has continued to rise in recent years.

Testimony - December 2005

New York State’s Welfare-to-Work Programs

In this written testimony submitted for a Dec. 15 hearing of the New York State Assembly's Social Services Committee, CUF Project Director David Fischer assesses an important recent shift in state welfare-to-work programs.

Report - December 2005

Creative New York

This groundbreaking report shows that New York's vast creative sector, from arts organizations to ad agencies, is one of the city's most important, and least understood, economic assets.

Commentary/Op-Ed - November 2005

What the Next Mayor Must Do

In this op-ed from the Nov. 9 Daily News, CUF director Jonathan Bowles highlights a number of important issues that Mayor Bloomberg will have to address in his second term. For a more detailed look at the most pressing issues facing the mayor, please check out "Framing the 2005 Mayoral Debate," a recent study issued by the Center for an Urban Future, the Regional Plan Association and the Center for New York City Affairs.

Commentary/Op-Ed - October 2005

Q&A with Irwin Cohen: Learning From Chelsea Market’s Success

In the Center's latest Q&A with NYC's leading economic development experts, CUF director Jonathan Bowles speaks with Chelsea Market developer Irwin Cohen about the role of food markets in economic development, the planned High Line development and the future of the Bronx Terminal Market.

Testimony - October 2005

A Workforce Vision for Continuing Education

CUF project director David Fischer recently spoke to the Continuing Education Association of New York about the increasing convergence of continuing ed programs within colleges and universities, and publicly funded and run workforce development systems.

Testimony - September 2005

Poverty in New York City, 2005

CUF Project Director David Fischer testified at a Nov. 15 City Council hearing on the rising poverty rate in New York, focusing on the city's increasing "working poor problem."

Commentary/Op-Ed - August 2005

Q&A with Arturo Ignacio Sánchez: How Important Are Immigrant Entrepreneurs to New York City’s Econom

In the latest in our series of conversations with leading NYC economic development experts, CUF research director Jonathan Bowles interviews Arturo Ignacio Sánchez, an urban planner based at LaGuardia Community College and a longtime member of Queens Community Board 3, about the impact that immigrant entrepreneurs are having on New York's economy.

Report - August 2005

Framing the 2005 Mayoral Debate: Issues & Proposals for the Candidates

This report, which the Center for an Urban Future produced in partnership with the Regional Plan Association and the Center for New York City Affairs, is designed to inform candidates and educate voters about nine key issues that New York's next mayor will face over the next four years, from education and economic development to child welfare and homelessness.

Testimony - June 2005

Testimony: Giving Small Firms the Business

In this testimony before the City Council, CUF research director Jonathan Bowles argues that the proposal to redevelop the Bronx Terminal market is one of many city-sponsored projects in which a significant number of small businesses are being displaced.

Report - June 2005

Workforce Intermediaries: Powering Regional Economies in the New Century

CUF Project Director David Jason Fischer assesses lessons learned from three key workforce intermediaries funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This report discusses the importance of the intermediary approach and the qualities of organizations that can best serve in this role.

Report - June 2005

The Road to Good Employment Retention

In this report for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Center examines three projects from the Casey-sponsored Jobs Initiative that have managed to place and retain high numbers of low-skilled individuals.

Report - June 2005

Beyond the Olympics

This report shows that even while the redevelopment of Manhattan's West Side has dominated Mayor Bloomberg's agenda, the Bloomberg administration has implemented a far-reaching and vastly improved economic development strategy.

Commentary/Op-Ed - May 2005

Q&A with Neil Pariser: Can the South Bronx be a New Beacon of Growth?

In the fifth in our ongoing series of conversations with leading NYC economic development experts, CUF research director Jonathan Bowles interviews Neil Pariser, Senior Vice President of the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO) about a flurry of development projects on tap in the Bronx.

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